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Midlife Women Tell the Truth about Work, Relationships, and the Rest of Life
Dr. Barbara Moses

I feel like everything is bubbling to the surface. Although I don't know what my 'what next' is, I have a palpable sense that it's almost around the corner."

In this fascinating new book, bestselling author and "career guru" Barbara Moses discovers what midlife women really think--all the untold secrets that they rarely share. Based on survey results from over a thousand women, Dish brings together a multitude of voices revealing every aspect of life: work, motherhood, childlessness, friendship, society, love and sex, singledom, and attitudes towards the future. Along the way we learn why some woman move forward with grace while others flounder; the truth about childlessness; why mothers don't always tell the truth about their children; that when it comes to sex there is no normal; how woman can fit into corporations that have been built by men for men; and how they really feel about their partners or lack of partners.

Throughout, Dr. Moses explores common archetypes and motivational types. When it comes to your career, are you an authenticity-seeker, a sociability-seeker, a security-seeker, a novelty-seeker, a career-builder, an autonomy-seeker, a self-developer, or a lifestyler? What's your parenting style? Are you a good girl supermom or a yummy buddy mom, an executive mom or an emotionally intelligent mom? With each of these types, Dr. Moses provides extensive descriptions and suggests possible routes forward based on the experiences of similar women.

Avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions to complex issues, Dr Moses brings together the experiences of over one thousand incredibly diverse women. They openly reveal what they think of their lives now, what they wished they had done differently, and their bold plans to move forward. The cumulative effect is enormously reassuring and empowering, providing a road map for future choices based on welcome advice from a host of friends.
Rueful, funny, bitchy, and wise, women at midlife are tired of trying to please and repressing their authentic selves. They have worked, married, had children, divorced, chosen to stay home, and learned lots of life's lessons--and they are more than happy to dish it all out for us.

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Praise from the Media

"A must read . . .Listen-up girls: Midlife women spill the secrets of their success." The National Post

"Straight talk about what women really want." The Toronto Star

"Sharing advice and experiences from real women, Dr. Moses, has compiled a guide on how to be successful and happy at work, at home and in your relationships. This inspiring guide is a well organized, easy read." Metro News

"In this fascinating new book, best-selling author and "career guru" Barbara Moses discovers what midlife women really think - all the untold secrets they rarely share."

"Dishfound and conquered a tough audience in me... a surprisingly entertaining read that eschews stereotypes and often rings true....Moses is refreshing." The Globe and Mail

"Moses leads women out of the wilderness. Dish is funny, insightful and practical--a remedial tool for woman wanting to rejuvenate themselves at any point in their lives." The Woman's Post

"Mythbusting at midlife . . . Work-life expert gets hundreds of Boomer women to share the ‘awful bitchy truth.'" Ottawa Sun

"She speaks her mind and doesn't sugercoat the truth. And it's that same honesty, brutal or otherwise, that comes through in her new book, Dish." Calgary Herald

"A must-read for women." Sheila Copps

What readers are saying

"I loved Dish - found it very compelling, reassuring, affirming and funny!"
Amy Baskin, co-author of More Than a Mom - Living a Full and Balanced Life When Your Child Has Special Needs

"With buckets of insight, wit, and wisdom, Dishis a must read. If you are a "woman of a certain age", you will be intrigued, comforted and energized to find out that your challenges and satisfactions are shared by many. If you are a young woman, the stories and insights will give you a glimpse of your future and a different way of thinking about the choices you are making today. For anybody else, it is an engaging, thought-provoking read about a growing and important part of the population."

Jane Hutcheson, VP Learning, TD Bank Financial Group


Find 4 hours

Donna Reid from Montreal
Date:26/04/2006 9:51:26 AM

As a long time fan of Barbara Moses, I had been waiting for Dish for a while but knew that this author would eventually get around to writing a book that transcends career and touches the broader context of women's lives. Spending a rainy Saturday with Barbara and the other women whose voices she shared was almost like attending one of her seminars - chatty, provocative and ultimately validating and helpful. Girl friends are great but there are few observers of the broader scene with the wisdom and perspective that Barbara brings to the debate of how do I manage my career, create a personal life and deal with all the other complications that life has thrown my way. As the most personal book that Barbara Moses has written, Dish also provides glimpses into the woman herself - and this humanizes the subjects she has chosen to write about even further. Unlike other self help and career management books - which tend to preach - Barbara writes from the trenches. She is one of us and I liked that a lot. So find 4 hours or so, curl up in your favorite chair and enjoy.


Reviewer Jeff Davidson from Toronto
Date:18/04/2006 1:22:08 PM

Dish is written by a woman - about women - and for women. But it is also a must read for clueless men who might want to even begin to understand the women in their lives (and according to the women quoted in this book - men and clueless are pretty much synonymous). Superbly written, sardonic and edgy. The author combines her unusual gifts of insight and observation with the candid stories contributed by women about their lives. This has produced a deep and frank assessment of what contemporary women are thinking about as they venture forth into mid life years (with or without a "clueless" partner). So guys, if it is getting harder to understand your partner or you have tuned out, you might want to get your headset adjusted. Dish would make a fine start and will give you something to talk about with your partner.

Like the best dark chocolate

Reviewer Mona D from Hanover Ontario Canada
Date:04/04/2006 9:00:10 PM

Don't buy one copy of this book. Buy two. Much like a box of the finest dark chocolates, it's both delicious and good for you too. You will be tempted to gobble the wisdom and anecdotes that make up Dish and then you'll wish you had read it slowly and savoured it. Distilling the research findings from hundreds of interviews with mid-life women, Barbara Moses gives us the "inside scoop and allows (us) to check (our) experiences and feelings against the lives of women who have grappled with the same questions, insecurities, thoughts, and challenges, and overcome them." Like a compassionate best friend she shows us that we can have it all, we just can't have it all at once. Using anecdotes she illustrates archetypical mothers, career women, girlfriends, and wives with great wit and aplomb. You will see yourself and many other women you know. Probably all of them. Her conclusions about the secrets of success for work and life, from women to women, are both inspiring and practical. Dish answers the age old question: What do (mid-life) women want? You're going to love the answers. Buy this book ! Buy two. You'll want one

Dish by Dr. Barbara Moses
ISBN 0-7710-6504-3 Paperback original $24.99
Published by McClelland & Stewart