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Designed by international career management expert Dr. Barbara Moses, Career Advisor combines the powerful self-assessment tools of her acclaimed Career Planning Workbook and the savvy advice of her international best-seller What Next? and the Manager’s Career Coaching Guide with today’s cutting edge e-learning technologies to create a complete electronic career management environment.

Career Advisor shows staff how to respond to whatever issues they are dealing with -- whether wanting to develop themselves, struggling with contemporary career challenges such as lack of balance and burnout, asking themselves “what next?”, or wanting to move ahead. An on-line career coach, HR leaders have hailed it as “the ultimate career management resource.” See the praise below. To read about TD Bank’s experience in implementing Career Advisor, click here.

The topic menus offer a lively combination of user-friendly interactive diagnostic instruments, personal reports, engaging advice, tools, and action planning exercises.

  • Know Yourself: Diagnostic instruments and personal reports in 9 areas including core competencies, job essentials, work style and preferences, strengths and areas for development, motivational type, values, and reality-testing. The assessments are fun, easy to complete and enlightening.
  • Choose Your Path: Diagnostic instruments, personal reports, quizzes, and information on role and organizational sector fit, match with / how to do it on work options such as self-development, job enrichment, part-time work, telecommuting, career shift, and moving up.
  • Overcome Career Distress: Advice, quizzes and interactive assessments on dealing with such challenges as burn-out, boredom, a lack of fulfillment, a career crisis, failure, and much more.
  • Solve Career-stage Dilemmas: Advice, tips, and strategies for older, younger , and those in-between on common challenges such as 20-something career uncertainty, overcoming age bias, tensions between older staff and young bosses.
  • Restore Balance: Interactive assessment on time/energy satisfaction, advice and strategies for designing a life which meets personal needs.
  • Use Career Strategies: Personal reports (Are You a Career Activist?; Test Your Career Intelligence on 12 New Rules), and advice on what you need to do to be successful today including how to network, find a mentor, decide whether to specialize/ upgrade education, and keep on learning.
  • Find Great Work: a comprehensive job search guide for internal or external application.
  • Parents: Career Proof Kids: Advice for anxious parents; advice and assessments for teens and grads.
  • Coach Others: tips and strategies based on our acclaimed Manager’s Career Coaching Guide. Do you have what it takes to be a career coach? How to use Career Advisor to support individuals; help people cope with new work realities; hold effective career discussions; deal with typical career concerns; manage & retain Gen Y; and more.

Career Advisor is available in English and French.


  • 90 Learning Modules, 39 assessments, 18 Personal Reports
  • Custom Organizational Reports: Information on data critical to the employee experience such as motivational types, job satisfaction, and competencies for development can be generated according to your specs. such as gender, age, organizational level, function, and location.
  • Tracking: Information about staff usage.
  • Confidentiality: Exercises, quizzes and diagnostics completed on-line are sent back to the user (via a button -- "email for my personal portfolio").
  • Personal portfolio: A repository of all the information which the user has completed
  • Customization: Corporate home page, links to internal policies, can be provided at an extra charge.
  • Intuitive and engaging: Inviting, beautifully designed, praised for ease of navigation.
  • Designed to meet all career concerns and needs of all ages: Diagnostic quiz provides indivdual learning map.
  • Clear and engaging writing. The author is also a career columnist for the Globe and Mail and Wall Street
  • Technical support. Help is available via email 9.00 to 5.00pm EST.

For more information, contact or call 416-924-9051

Praise For Career Advisor

"The most powerful self-coaching tool on the Internet.”
Rey Carr Ph.D., Peer Resources

“Keeping good people today means you need to support them as they develop skills and manage their own careers. Career Advisor provides our staff a comprehensive career management environment, which responds to the range of issues they are dealing with in a meaningful, intellectually rigorous and time efficient way. People want to get better at what they do and seek opportunities for meaningful work. Career Advisor helps them do that, and for us this is all about increasing employee engagement.”

Jane Hutcheson,
Former Vice-President, Learning and Development, TD Bank Financial Group

“We compared virtually every career web site before selecting Career Advisor - there was no comparison. Several thousand people went on in the first few weeks alone which is amazing. Our staff at all organizational levels love it.... Typical comments are "so well designed and easy to navigate", "like having your personal coach" "deals with every issue I could ever have in
managing my career" "I love the reports" "the Personal Roadmap is great". To say we are delighted would be an understatement!”

Evguenia Potachenskaia,
Learning & Development, TD Bank Financial Group

“WOW! I have been researching this topic for two and one half years and have never seen such a resource.”

Susan Cooke,
Corporate Director, Continuous Learning, Lifetime Healthcare Companies

“I LOVE IT! Finally, the best of both the Career Planning Workbook, What Next?, and the Managers Career Coaching Guide in one.”

Stephen Friedman Ph.D.,
Executive Career Coach

“I use a lot on line assessment tools in my work. I have never seen anything like this in its breadth, navigation, quality of reports and advice, and appropriateness for the times and what people need today. It also looks great…modern, intimate and inviting!”

Laurie Hillis,
Career Management and Learning Specialist, Megatrain