Keynote Speeches and Interactive Workshops by Dr. Barbara Moses

Topics include:

  • Applying Career Intelligence in a Tough Work World
  • Career Intelligence for Yourself and Others
  • How to Attract, Retain & Manage the New Worker Work Life Balance -- It’s a Question of Focus
  • Career & Life Intelligence for Women
  • How to Manage an Intergenerational Work Force
  • How to Manage Your Career and Coach Others
  • How to Career-Proof Your Kids
  • Answering “What Next?” for 40+
  • How to Define, Design and Manage Work That’s Right For You
  • Career Planning Experience

All speeches are customized to reflect client needs and audience demographics.

Duration: 1 hour to one day. Longer events are highly interactive, including personal assessments and small and large group discussion.

Selected Speech Descriptions

Applying Career Intelligence in a Tough Work World

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Target audience: individuals at all levels -- individual contributors, managers, executives, HR professionals -- to enhance career development, renewal and satisfaction.

Welcome to Tempworld, a tough work world with unremitting pressures on the individual. In this session, Dr. Barbara Moses shares her latest insights into the new work landscape and implications for individual effectiveness. She reveals the most important work trends, how our motivational type will affect best career choices and the new principles and rules for career success. Why? Expressing our authentic self in work is the most important imperative for all of us.

  • The most important trends that will affect your working life.
  • Understand what motivates you -- 8 motivational types:
    Sociability seekers; Career builders; Authenticity seekers; Personal developers; Autonomy seekers/entrepreneurs; Novelty seekers; Stability seekers; Lifestylers
  • Work/life balance -- it’s a question of focus.
  • How to become a career activist and express your authentic self at work
  • Myths & realities about career success.
  • 12 new strategies for career success.
  • How to career-proof your children.

Career Intelligence for Yourself and Others

Target audience: executives, managers and HR leaders seeking to understand the complexities of today’s workforce and promote career development and renewal for their staff. 

  • The most important trends that will shape individuals' and organizations' futures.
  • Generations and gender at work
  • Identifying your motivational preferences -- 8 motivational types- implications for roles and rewards.
  • Forget work/life balance -- it’s a question of focus.
  • How to promote career activism -- 12 new rules for career success
  • Understanding the new worker - what they do and do not want.
  • Strategies for motivating and retaining the new worker.
  • How to create a life-friendly organization.
  • How to career-proof your children. (time permitting)

How to Attract, Retain & Manage the New Worker

Target audience: executives, managers, human resource professionals.

  • Key work trends that impact the lives and employability of today’s worker.
  • Managing complicated, over-committed lives.
  • Managing an intergenerational work force.
  • The psychology of the new worker -- Who is she? What is he looking for?
  • Eight kinds of new worker, and what motivates them:
    Sociability seekers; Career builders; Authenticity seekers; Personal developers; Autonomy seekers/entrepreneurs; Novelty seekers; Stability seekers; Lifestylers
  • What are the implications for rewards?
  • How to shape strategies for attracting, rewarding and retaining based on motivation typology.
  • Principles for optimizing career management and satisfaction.
  • How to create a life-friendly organization

Work Life Balance -- It’s a Question of Focus

Target audience: individuals grappling with over-committed lives and/or leaders who need to respond effectively to the over-committed lives of staff.

  • Squished, squashed, sliced and diced -- welcome to the new workscape.
  • Forget “balance” -- focus is the key.
  • You can have it all -- but not all at once -- think life “chapters.”
  • Be a career activist -- be reflective, know what’s most important to you.
  • Strategies for enhancing life satisfaction.
  • Alternative work arrangements: Does your job lend itself to them? -- do you have what it takes?
  • How leaders can create life-friendly organizations.
  • How to career-proof your children

Career & Life Intelligence for Women

Target audience: women at all levels who are grappling with such common issues as how to express their authentic self in your work; how to manage their career and life with grace; how to overcome typical barriers; and, how to find, create or design the right work. Selected points previously described are incorporated.

How to Manage an Intergenerational Work Force

Target audience: managers, executives and HR professionals.
Never before have there been so many conflicting values and expectations operating together. Do twenty-somethings perpleyou or drive you nuts? Understand the values and expectations of twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings, forty-somethings and beyond. Typical points of collision and how to respond. How to create work forces that promote intergenerational harmony.

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Praise for Dr. Barbara Moses as a Speaker

"Barbara was delightful! People loved her fresh and candid approach to the content."

Sherry L. Bisaillon
People & Organizational Capability Director
Microsoft Canada

"Thank you for the wonderful keynote address that you gave at our Career Management session. The feedback was excellent – common themes included ‘motivational’ and ‘inspiring’."

Catriona McConville
Manager, Organizational Planning & Effectiveness Unit
Ontario Ministry of Government Services

"You were a huge hit! People wanted to listen to more and more of what you had to say and you were truly inspiring for them."

Raffaella Iannelli
Cisco Systems Canada

"On behalf of my colleagues, thank you most sincerely for your presentation to the Learning Chiefs, HR Officers and staff members of the United Nations in Geneva. Your dynamic delivery and relevant up-to-date information was greatly appreciated by all present. We received several emails from participants thanking us for putting this on. My sincere thanks for your time, effort and stimulating presentation."

Liz Tayfun
Staff Development & Learning
United Nations Office at Geneva

"Thank you again for the wonderful speech. We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on the talk, which struck a chord with many in the audience. So many of the people at the reception and the conference had a real connection with you, and I am tremendously glad that we could work on this together."

Anthny W. Meehan
Mediacorp Annual Top Employers Gala Reception

"I would like to personally thank you for your dynamic presentation. Your ideas have definitely made an impact. As an employment counsellor, and as the co-organizer of the conference, I feel that your participation made a significant impact on the professional knowledge of the counsellors in the audience. Your energy and your personal examples made it a priovelege to listen to you."

Nicole D'Silva
Youth Employment Services, Montreal

"We have had great feedback for your presentation. Thank you for helping us kick start the day with a stimulating and interesting talk."

Fanny Forman
International Society for Performance Improvement

"The feedback on your presentation was extremely positive. Great appreciation was expressed for your insights about the trends and realities of the current job market. Participants found your frank, direct approach refreshing and practical. Thank you for helping to make our 3rd Annual Englishlanguage Employment Services Roundtable Conference a dynamic, intellectual engaging and successful event."

Iris Unger & David Mendelson
Employment Services Roundtable Conference

"On behalf of the Greater Washington Society of Association Executives and the Association of Career Professional-DC Chapter, I would like to thank you for your incredibly powerful presentation. It certainly was worth the 3-year wait that we had trying to get you here! I know that the information you shared was not only helpful to the many career professionals that were in the audience but also to those individuals in career transition themselves. Your knowledge of the career management field and your engaging "style" is truly remarkable. We are better career professionals because of you!"

Marshall A Brown
Director of Career Development, GWSAE
President, Association of Career Professionals-DC Chapter

"I wanted to thank you very much for you contribution to the recent Executive Work-Life Roundtable in Toronto. Your ability to connect with the participants, engage them in their own learning and guide them to self discovery was exemplary. We received many positive comments from participants including:

  • Barbara was inspiring. Now I understand what I must do to advance my own career.
  • My only complaint is there was not enough time with Barbara, I could have listened to her all day.
  • My colleagues should be so lucky to have the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Moses. Her stories were entertaining and informative, her style was professional and gracious, her manner was unpretentious and approachable. Thank you for the wonderful experience."

Nora Spinks
Work-Life Harmony Enterprises

"Thank you for being our key note speaker at this year's all staff conference. With the theme Hearts, Minds and a Blueprint for Tomorrow - your presentation was cited over and over again as the single most powerful personal message in this year's event. Your views of the changes in the marketplace and the implications for all of us served to both focus energy and inspire confidence - key ingredients for both an empowered workforce and self sufficient, happy individuals."

Helen Bozinovski
Vice President Human Resources
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario

"It truly was an excellent presentation!! You are amazing and so easy to listen to."

Mary G Davis
Financial Planner, TD Canada Trust

"Your presentation was excellent and as usual gave me some tremendous gems . .. and now for the book!"

Barbara Bahry
Vice President, Human Resources, Pivotal

"On behalf of the National Advisory Committee for the National Consultation on Career Development we wish to thank you for your invaluable contribution to the success of NATCON 2004. The Consultation attracted over 1,100 delegates from across Canada - a truly national experience! Your willingness to share your expertise with our delegates contributed greatly to the quality of our program and to the overall success of the Consultation. Given the interest in your newly published book What’s Next? following the session, there is every indication that your message was very well received. Thank you again for your personal contribution to our program and for your continued commitment to career development in Canada."

Jacques Pelletier
Executive Director, Canadian Career Consortium

"I just wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful closing keynote presentation that you gave to our delegates at NATCON 2004. Feedback from delegates has been great. Informal conversations with some of those who attended confirms that we're taking your words to heart in our own careers as well as passing on your words of wisdom to our clients. Thanks again for the wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement... "

Dr. Roberta Neault
Advisory Board Member / Program Committee NATCON 2004

"Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed hearing you speak at The New Worker seminar at White Oaks last week. This was the first time I attended a training session that I didn’t yawn, fidget or get bored out of my skull!!! You are a very inspiring speaker and I would love to have any articles or announcements sent to me. Once again thank you for a wonderful morning."

Patricia Stewart
Employment Help Centre, St. Catharines, ON

"Outstanding feedback. Typical comments were 'Excellent! She kept my interest throughout. Very funny!' 'Moses' thoughts are always current, relevant and practical.' 'Very dynamic.' 'Pizzazz and humor.' 'Highly needed information which I could take back and use.'"

Erica Forssen
Conference Program Manager, Linkage Incorporated.

"As always, the evaluations were over-the-top. Typical comments from senior managers and staff were 'amazing speaker, informative, tons of ideas they can use . . . '"

Carolyn Clark
Vice President, Fairmount Hotels & Resorts

"Enlightening, insightful, compassionate, thought-provoking, humorous. Painting a realistic picture of the challenges facing us in today's world of work, Barbara ultimately provides us with hope."

Jane Hutcheson
Former Vice-President, Learning and Development, TD Bank Financial Group

"Dr. Moses explains, in simple and innovative terms, that today's work force consists of several generational groups which are motivated differently. Dr. Moses provides insightful new approaches to motivate the younger work force to reach its potential."

Michelle Gerber
PriceWaterhouse Coopers

"Incredible keynote . . . Barbara has unique insights and fresh ideas on balancing work and personal life. Entertaining, inspirational and thought-provoking."

Tekla Hendrickson
Walking The Work-Life Tightrope Conference Program Director

"...a direct and engaging speaker who is sensitive to her audiences. Her unmatched grasp of contemporary work issues, coupled with her well-honed speaking skills makes her an ideal choice. She is able to make people feel very comfortable in seeking to fulfil their potential and is able to help companies manage more effectively their human resources. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Moses is highly effective in motivating people to take charge of their careers."

John G. Lynch
President and CEO of Prologue Healthcare Management

"Some of my clients have commented that the [Career Planning] Workbook has changed their lives. I would not hesitate to recommend Barbara as a guest speaker for any special event."

Louises Leveille
Career Consultant for Industry Canada

"...a dynamic speaker who addresses the issues that are most pressing both in work and in life."

Pam McIntyre
Vice President of Human Resources, Liberty Mutual

"...a lively, entertaining, pointed speaker who has spent her working life upgrading North Americans on the importance of career and life planning..."

Garth Toombs
Toombs KWA.

"...a dynamic and highly relevant seminar"

Brenda Raill
Regional Manager, Manpower

"... motivating and highly beneficial for the attendees"

Pamela P. Jeffery
President, Women's Executive Network

"The Career Planning Workshop was a huge success due largely to Dr. Moses' direct contributions."

Christine Landoll
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International

"An important speaker with fresh ideas about how to manage ourselves in all the roles we play in a very difficult world."

Peter James
Senior Manager, IBM

"I've had the good fortune to hear Barbara speak on several occasions and I've read both her books from cover-to-cover. Yet every time I'm stimulated and inspired."

Jill Copes
Royal Bank

". . .your work and insight really made the event come alive . . ." Fast Company Live Events ". . . excellent feedback . . . our members were most appreciative . . . dynamic presentation."

Stephanie MacKendrick
President, Canadian Women In Communications

" . . . content was superb as usual, and your style of delivery refreshingly frank yet upbeat . . . People commented that you 'tell it like it is' and provide valuable and practical advice on how anyone can be a winner in this new economy . . . you left our audience with a real feeling of hope about the future of work and careers."

Irene Taylor
Conference Program Director, Conference Board of Canada

"We wish we could have had more of your time."

Lori May
Conference Organizer and President. Harris Consulting Corporation

"Loved Barbara Moses."

Carol Simcoe
Indian Affairs

"Entertaining, enlightening and a great personal message."

Jack Cohen
McLaughlan Health Centre